Start with a template

Create a new project from a template

In the previous step, you set up a free trial account with Now you have access to the management console.

From here you can create projects, adjust account settings, and a lot more that you will explore throughout these Getting Started guides.

Since you do not yet have any projects on, the first thing you will see when you sign in is a workflow for creating a new project.

  1. Project type

    You will first be given the option of creating a New Project that is empty (one that you can migrate your own code base to), or to Use a Template. Select the Use a Template option, and then click Next.

  2. Details

    Give your project a name like My First Project.

    In the next field, you have the option to configure the project's region, which corresponds with the data center where your project will live. Select the region that most closely matches where most of your traffic will come from and click Next.

  3. Template

    Now you will be able to see the large collection of's supported templates. There are several types of templates available, including simple language-specific examples, ready-to-use frameworks you can build upon, and setapplications you can start using immediately after installation.

    If you are more comfortable with a particular language, click the dropdown labeled All languages. Select a language and the template list will update.

    Select a template and click Next.


    You can find the source code for all templates in the GitHub Templates Organization

  4. Plan & Pricing

    Under your free trial, your project will be created under a "Development" plan size. The management console will tell you how many users, development environments, and the price of that plan after your trial has completed. After you have read through the features, click Continue.

With these few selections will create the project and build the template in less than two minutes.