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Create a support ticket Anchor to this heading

If you’re experiencing issues related to the proper functioning of the infrastructure, application container software, or build processes; have found possible bugs; or have general questions, open a support ticket:

  1. Open the Console
  2. Select User menu (your name) > Support.
  3. Click + New ticket.
  4. Fill in the ticket fields and click Submit.

Or use these shortcuts to access all support tickets or open a new ticket.

Once you submit a ticket, you see it in a list of all tickets created, for all projects you have access to, within your organization. Note that once you submit the ticket, you can’t modify or delete the submission. If you have any additional information, you can select the submitted ticket and write a message.

Slack Anchor to this heading

To talk about app development or framework-related questions, join other customers and engineers in the public Slack channel.

Community Anchor to this heading

The Community site has how-to guides with suggestions on how to get the most out of

Contact Sales Anchor to this heading

If you have questions about pricing or need help figuring out if is the right solution for your team, get in touch with Sales.

Delete your account Anchor to this heading

To permanently delete your account, contact Support.

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