Organizations allow to manage your projects, users and billing.

Organization settings 

As an organization owner you can manage basic settings of your organization such as its name and URL.

Organization billing 

As an organization owner, or as an organization user with the manage billing permission, you can access and download invoices, edit billing information such as the stored credit card, the billing address etc.

Organization permissions 

As an organization owner, or as an organization user with the manage users permission, you can invite other users to your organization and grant them the following permissions:

  • Manage plans (plans): Add, remove and edit plans and plan options for your existing projects. (Change plan, change storage, change the number of environments, change the number of user licenses)
  • Manage billing (billing): Add, remove and edit billing information. Access invoices and vouchers.
  • Create projects (projects:create): Create new projects within the organization.
  • Manage users (members): Add, remove and edit organization-level users and permissions, including your own.

Manage organizations with the CLI 

You can use the command line interface to manage your organizations.

Available commands (get the full list with ‘platform list organization’)

Available commands for the "organization" namespace:
      organization:info              View or change organization details
      organization:list              List organizations
      organization:subscription:list List subscriptions within an organization
      organization:billing:address   View or change an organization's billing address
      organization:billing:profile   View or change an organization's billing profile
      organization:user:add          Invite a user to an organization
      organization:user:delete       Remove a user from an organization
      organization:user:get          View an organization user
      organization:user:list         List organization users
      organization:user:update       Update an organization user

For example, the following command would invite with the Manage users, Billing, Plans and Projects create permissions to the acme-corp organization.

platform organization:user:add --org=acme-corp --permission=members,billing,plans,projects:create

After inviting, Alice will receive an invitation email asking to confirm her details and optionally, register for a account.

To update Alice’s permissions in your organization, run:

platform organization:user:update --org=acme-corp --permission=billing

This command would remove all previously granted permissions from Alice, and only grant the Billing permission.

Transfer project ownership 

If you want to transfer a project to a different organization, please submit a support ticket from the current project to ask for the transfer.

This action will automatically transfer the subscription charges to the new organization.