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Webhooks allow you to host a script yourself externally that receives the same payload as an activity script and responds to the same events, but can be hosted on your own server in your own language.

Setup Anchor to this heading

platform integration:add --type=webhook --url=URL_TO_RECEIVE_JSON

The webhook URL receives a POST message for every activity that’s triggered. The message contains complete information about the entire state of the project at that time.

It’s possible to set the integration to only send certain activity types, or only activities on certain branches. The CLI prompts you to specify which to include or exclude. Leave at the default values to get all events on all environments in a project.

For testing purposes, you can generate a URL from a service such as and use the generated URL as URL_TO_RECEIVE_JSON.

Webhook schema Anchor to this heading

See the activity script reference for a description of the webhook payload.

Validate the integration Anchor to this heading

To verify your integration is functioning properly, run the following CLI command:

platform integration:validate

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