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Updating WordPress, plugins, and themes Anchor to this heading

There is an important caveat to keep in mind when maintaining WordPress on, namely that after the build process has completed your site is left with a read-only file system. This makes updating WordPress core, themes, and plugins not possible at runtime through the administration panel like you may be used to.

Keeping WordPress up-to-date in environments like this is the primary reason that managing WordPress with Composer is recommended. Keeping a vanilla WordPress up-to-date on requires you to clone the repository locally and subsequently remove and re-download WordPress core, themes, and plugins to their updated version. Perform this on a new branch, and push to to test the updates before merging.

If you choose to keep themes, plugins, and core defined as submodules in your project, consult the submodule documentation and git pull for the latest version.

Local development with Lando Anchor to this heading

Lando is a local development tool. Lando can read your configuration files for WordPress and produce an approximately equivalent configuration using Docker See a guide on using Lando with

Templates come configured for use already with a base Landofile, as in the following example. It can be helpful getting started with Lando without the need to have a project on This file sets up good defaults for Lando and codebases, most notably through the recipe attribute.

# This file sets some good defaults for local development using this
# template with Lando.
# Note that you should not edit this file so it can continue to receive upstream
# updates. If you wish to change the values below then override them in your
# normal .lando.yml.

# These both allow you to test this template without needing a site on
# However you will want to replace them in your .lando.yml
name: platformsh-wordpress-vanilla
recipe: platformsh

# These are tools that are commonly used during development for this template.
    service: app

This Landofile is also where you can configure access to tools that would normally be available within a app container (such as the WordPress CLI) and that you also want to access locally.

You can replicate this file or follow the guide on using Lando with Once you have completed the configuration, you can start your local environment by running:

lando start

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