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Cancel an activity

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If you have a stuck activity or you pushed a change you know doesn’t work, you can cancel a running or pending activity on an environment. This works for activities such as builds, cron jobs, and source operations.

You can cancel activities using the CLI or in the Console.

Run the following command:

platform activity:cancel

If you have more than one running or pending activity, choose which activity to cancel.

You can also cancel a specific activity by specifying its ID:

platform activity:cancel ACTIVITY_ID

Get the ID from the activity log.

  1. Open the environment where you want to cancel an activity.
  2. In the activity log, click More next to the activity you want to cancel.
  3. Click Cancel.

Non-cancellable activities Anchor to this heading

An activity can finish in between when you load the Console and when you click Cancel. For example, when the activity is a source operation and the related build hook has already completed. In such cases, you get a message that the activity can’t be cancelled.

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