Project configuration

You can access the configuration page of your project by clicking the gear icon next to the project name.

configure project


The Settings screen provides the SSH key that will use when trying to access external private Git repository during the build process.

This is useful if you want to reuse some code components across multiple projects and manage those components as dependencies of your project.

Get the project public SSH key


The Users screen allows you to manage users access on your project.

You can invite new users to your project by clicking the Add user link and entering their email address, or modify permissions of existing users by clicking the Edit link when hovering over the user.

Project configure icon


Currently, permissions changes that grant or revoke SSH access to an environment take effect only after the next time that environment is deployed.

Selecting a user will allow you to either edit that user's permissions or delete the user's access to the project entirely.

Manage users of your project

If you check the Super user box, this user will be an administrator of the project and will have fulll access on all environments. If you uncheck the box, you'll have the option of adjusting the user's permissions on each environment.

note The Account owner is locked and you can't change its permissions.


The Domains screen allows you to manage your domains that your project will be accessible at.

Manage domains of your project.

More information on how to setup your domain.

note expects an ASCII representation of the domain here. In case you want to use an internationalized domain name you can use the conversion tool provided by Verisign to convert your IDN domain to ASCII.