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Tier availability

This feature is available for Elite and Enterprise customers. Compare the tiers on our pricing page, or contact our sales team for more information.

Fastly Next-Gen WAF

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On top of the Web Application Firewall (WAF) included in Enterprise and Elite plans, you can subscribe to the Fastly Next-Gen WAF to further protect your app from security threats.

Available offers Anchor to this heading

If you want to subscribe to the Fastly Next-Gen WAF through, you can choose from three offers:

  • If you subscribe to the Basic or Basic configurable offer, your WAF is fully managed by
  • If you subscribe to the Advanced offer, after your WAF is installed by, you have access to more features that you manage yourself.

To view a list of all the features included in each offer, see the following table.

Capability Basic offer Basic configurable offer Advanced offer
Available modes Block mode only Block, not blocking, off modes Block, not blocking, off modes
Default attack signals Yes Yes Yes
Default anomaly signals Yes Yes Yes
Virtual patching No Yes, in block mode only Yes, via custom signals
Default dashboards No During quarterly business reviews Yes
Custom response codes No No Yes
Custom signals No No Yes
Standard API & ATO signals No No Yes

To subscribe to a Fastly Next-Gen WAF offer through, contact Sales.

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