Serve directories at different paths

In some cases you might want to depart from the common practice of serving directories directly. You might want to create a URL structure different than the structure on your disk.

For example, in Git you might have a folder for your app and another folder that builds your documentation. Your entire Git repository might look like the following:


And your build process might build the documentation with an output folder such as docs-public.

If so, you can serve all requests by your app code except for those that start with /docs, which you serve with your generated docs. Use a web configuration similar to the following:

            passthru: true
            root: 'docs-public'
                - "index.html"
            expires: 24h
            scripts: false
            allow: true

This way, your app can safely coexist with static files as if it were a single site hierarchy. And you can keep the static pages separate from your app code.