Start with a template

Build, Deploy, Done!

Once you have configured the template application in the previous step, will build your project for you. If you created a blank project, be sure to set up your SSH keys before trying to upload your files.

  1. Explore the management console

    When the build screen has cleared, will return you to the management console. Since you now have a project on your account, a version of this page will be what you see each time you visit the console.

    You will start on the main page for your new project, My First Project. From here, you can control the settings of this project and monitor its status.

    In the Environments box, click on Master.

  2. Check the build status

    Take a minute to notice some the information available on this page.

    • Overview

      In this box the Master environment, which is a live environment built from the master branch of your application code, will have a status of Building.

      Once that status has updated to Active, the build is complete and the application has deployed.

    • Environment Activity

      In this block, you can see what you have done so far has two initial entries: My First Project was created, and the template profile you chose was initialized on the environment.

  3. Done!

    That's it! Once the build status has changed to Active, your application has been deployed on

    You can view the template by clicking on the link that is now visible for the Master environment under the Overview box. It will open another tab in your browser to your new live site!

In these few steps you created a free trial account, configured a template application on a project and deployed it using the management console entirely from your browser.

Using the CLI, however, you get even more control over your project configurations, including the ability to migrate your own applications to Move onto the next step to install it.