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Dedicated Gen 2

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Dedicated Gen 2 is a robust, redundant layer. It’s well-suited for those who like the development experience but need more resources and redundancy for their production environment. It’s available only with an Enterprise contract.

Dedicated Gen 2 consists of two parts: a Development Environment and a Dedicated Gen 2 cluster.

The Development Environment Anchor to this heading

The Development Environment is a normal Grid environment with all Grid capabilities and workflows. The default branches are slightly different, as noted in the default limits.

The Dedicated Gen 2 cluster Anchor to this heading

The Dedicated Gen 2 cluster is a three-host redundant configuration provisioned by for each customer. Every service is replicated across all three hosts in a failover configuration (as opposed to sharding), allowing a site to remain up even if one of the hosts is lost entirely.

The build process for your application is identical for both the Development Environment and the Dedicated Gen 2 cluster. However, because the hosts are provisioned by, not as a container, service configuration must be done by’s Customer Success team. By and large the same flexibility is available but only via opening a support ticket.

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