New Relic supports New Relic APM.

Get Started

1. Get your license key

Sign up at and get your license key.

2. Add your license key

Add your New Relic license key as a project level variable:

platform variable:create --visible-build false php:newrelic.license --value '<your-new-relic-license-key>'

3. Enable the New Relic extension

Enable the New Relic extension in your as follows:

        - newrelic

Push the changes to your environment to enable New Relic as follows:

git add
git commit -m "Enable New Relic."
git push

That's it! You need to wait a little bit for your New Relic dashboard to be generated.


Additionally, you can check that your application is properly connected to New Relic by looking at the /var/log/app.log file:

platform log app

2017/04/19 14:00:16.706450 (93) Info: Reporting to:
2017/04/19 14:00:16.706668 (93) Info: app '' connected with run id 'xxx'