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All plans include:

  • four Environments (3 for staging/development, 1 for the live site).
  • one Developer license
  • 5GB of Storage per environment
  • multiple Backend services (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, Solr..)
  • support

You can switch between plans (downgrade or upgrade) freely, but note that reducing storage is currently not supported for technical reasons. If you need to reduce storage, please create a support ticket. You will always be billed the prorated rate of your plan over the period it was used.

You may cancel your plan at any time and you will only be billed for the actual period used.

For Enterprise and Agency Plans you can pay by purchase order. For all other plans you need to add a credit card to your account.

We offer a free trial period so you can test the service and see how great it is. If ever you need more time to evaluate, please contact our sales representatives. They can issue you an extra voucher to prolong your test.

Prices below are listed in US Dollars. You will be billed in US Dollars, Euros, or British Pounds depending on where your billing address is. For a list of current prices please refer to

Euro Prices are presented excluding VAT. In your bill, as appropriate we will include the correct VAT rate.


All extra consumption is prorated to the time it was actually used.

For example, if you added an extra developer for 10 days you would be billed around $3 extra at the end of the month (based on the then-current price of an extra developer seat).

Extra developers

Adding a developer to your project will add a monthly per project per user fee unless you have an agency or an enterprise account.

Extra environments

You can add extra staging/development environments to any plan by multiples of 3.

For example, if you want to have 12 staging environments you would pay additional $63 per month on top of your basic plan price.

Extra storage

You can add additional storage at $2.50 per 5GB per staging/development environment.

For example, if you have the default plan (with 3 staging environments) and you add 10GB (for a total of 15GB per environment), you would pay an extra $15 a month.

If you added 3 extra environments (for a total of 6 staging environments) and you added 10GB (for a total of 15GB per environment), you would pay an extra $30 a month.


The basic plan (Development) starts at $10 per month, and includes 4 environments: 3 staging/development and 1 future production).

You can not map a custom domain name to a development plan

Development environments have less resources than production environments.


The live environment (master) of a production plan has more resources than the development environments of the project. lists the resources available per plan (these are always only the production environment resources) the development environment have their own resources, and are not counted towards the limit. You can map domain names to your master environment. SSL support is always included.

Multiple Applications in a single project

All plans support multiple applications in a single cluster, but they share the global resources of the cluster.

The resources of a Standard plan are not sufficient to run more than one application in the same cluster if there is also a MySQL database as a Service. Useful multi-apps start at Medium.

A Medium plan, for example, can support 3 Apps with a MySQL instance and a Redis instance.

If you wonder if a specific setup would fit in a plan, don't hesitate to contact our support.


For a price lower than traditional managed hosting, you get included development and staging environments, as well as triple redundancy on every element of the stack with:

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed 24/7 White Glove On-boarding and Support

Please contact our sales department to discuss how we can help you.


We propose three tiers for agencies with many perks.

  • Free user licenses
  • A free site for your own agency
  • Up to 10% customer lifetime referral fees and 15% discounts
  • Access to an agency specific "Small" price plan
  • Free Medium or Large plan website for your own agency site
  • Free Small plan for every Enterprise project sold
  • …and more!

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German Cloud Pricing

The prices for Germany are currently set at 10% above the EU and US plan prices. Thus, a "Production Standard" environment on the Sovereign German Cloud will be $55 instead of $50.

Our estimation page (which you can reach by clicking on your account dashboard on the edit link for a project) does reflect these new options.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact our sales department.