Create a new project

With the CLI now installed and configured to communicate with your account, you can create a new project from the command line and connect it to your application.

  1. Create an empty project

    Type the command platform create in your terminal.

    The CLI will then ask you to set up some initial project configurations:

    • Project title: You need a unique name for each project, so title this one My CLI Project.

    • Region: In general you will choose the region that is closest to where most of your site’s traffic is coming from. Here, go ahead and begin typing and the CLI will auto-complete the rest for you.

    • Plan: Select the development plan for your trial project.

    • Environments: The master branch will become the Master environment, the live production environment for your application. Additionally, other branches may be activated as fully running environments for developing new features. More on that later. This value selects the maximum number of development environments the project will allow. You can change this value later at any time.

      For now, press Enter to select the default number of environments.

    • Storage: You can modify the amount of storage your application can use from the CLI and from the management console, as well as upgrade that storage later once your project starts growing.

      For now, press Enter to select the default amount of storage.

    When the CLI has finished creating a project, it will output your project ID. This is the primary identifier for making changes to your projects, and you will need to use it to set as the remote for your repository in the next step.

    You can also retrieve the project ID with the command platform project:list, which lists all of your projects and their IDs in a table.

  2. Set as remote for your application

    Next you will need to connect to the remote project in order to push your code to

    If you have not already initialized your project directory as a Git repository, you will first need to do so

    git init

    Then you can set as a remote with the command

    platform project:set-remote <project ID>

That’s it! You have now created an empty project and connected your repository to that project using the CLI.

Move on now to the next step to start configuring your repository to deploy on