Create environment supports the deployment of isolated development environments from your branches, complete with exact copies of all of your data. This is useful for testing changes in isolation before merging them.

  1. Create branch, make changes, push to

    Create and checkout a branch for your new feature.

    platform branch dev

    This command will create a new branch dev from master, as well as a local dev branch for you to work on. dev will be a clone of master, including an exact-copy of all of its data and files.

    Make changes to your code, commit them, and push to the remote.

    git add .
    git commit -m "Commit message."
    git push platform dev
  2. Verify

    After has built and deployed the environment, verify that it has been activated by visiting its new url:

    platform url

    The command will provide a list of the generated routes for the application according to how the routes were configured. The structure will be:

    Enter a number to open a URL
      [0] https://<branch name>-<hash of branch name>-<project ID>.<region>
      [1] https://www.<branch name>-<hash of branch name>-<project ID>.<region>

    The above URLs represent the upstream (0) and redirect (1) routes for the most common routes.yaml configuration.