Sponsored community sites

Platform.sh provides sponsored hosting for Free Software projects and tech community events and organizations as part of our effort to support the Free Software community.


  • A software project released under a Free and Open Source license (*GPL, BSD, MIT, Apache, etc.)
  • A community-oriented conference or similar event run either by the community or a related non-profit corporation. For-profit events and organizations aren’t eligible.
  • An offline IT community organization, such as a local user group for a Free and Open Source project.
  • An online non-profit community project that supports one of the above.

The Platform.sh Developer Relations team manages the program and collectively has final say on what projects are eligible for sponsorship.

Platform.sh will periodically reevaluate sponsored sites to ensure they remain eligible, and may terminate the free service at its own will. Platform.sh will provide a month notice to allow users to migrate in these cases.


An eligible project is entitled to one (1) Standard instance, with the standard 3 environments and 5 GB of storage. Any number of users may be added as needed for the project at no additional cost. The site is to be used exclusively for content supporting and promoting the project. (Brochureware sites, documentation, user forums, etc. are all acceptable.)

There is no limit on the number of domains or application containers (subject to resource limits of the Standard Plan) that a project may use, although the project is expected to register and manage its own domains. Platform.sh will provision SSL certificates for free (as may be limited by the Letโ€™s Encrypt API) but the hosted site may provide their own.

A project is under no obligation to use the application container of their project (e.g. a PHP project is free to use Jekyll to produce a static site using Platform.sh, a Python project is free to host a PHPBB site, etc.)


In return, eligible projects are expected to include an HTML snippet conspicuously on each page of the site. That may be in a sidebar or footer, with text no smaller than the standard body text size for the site. The image may be scaled via CSS as appropriate as long as the text is fully readable. The badge markup is provided by Platform.sh when setting up the site and includes a link to Platform.sh and an analytics tracking value to know where links are coming from. It doesn’t include any cookies.

Platform.sh may from time to time update the widgetโ€™s contents and the sponsored site will update the contents in a timely fashion.

The sponsored site may ask, and Platform.sh shall accept variations of the widget as long as these fall within the branding guidelines of Platform.sh.

Platform.sh may announce on its own media presence both online and offline that it hosts the said project, and kindly ask the sponsored site communicate at least once over its usual social media presence (Twitter, Mailing list, etc) the sponsored hosting.

If the eligible project is a registered non-profit organization in the US or Germany, it is also expected to provide paperwork to register an in-kind donation to the organization of the equivalent price of the service ($50 USD/month or the EUR equivalent), for tax purposes.

Sponsored projects will receive the same level of support as any other self-service hosted customer site.


If you are an eligible Free Software project or community group, contact the DevRel team with the form below and let us know that you are interested.