Blackfire supports Blackfire Profiler developed by SensioLabs.


  • Agent/Client: 1.12.0
  • Probe: 1.16.1 (when using php:7.0 or php:7.1)

Get Started

1. Get your credentials

Sign up for free at and install the Blackfire Companion web browser extension (Chrome).

Get your server credentials on your Blackfire account.

Blackfire credentials

2. Enable the Blackfire extension

Paste the credentials above in your as follows:

        - name: 'blackfire'
              server_id: 'bad10394-bbaf-436e-9ee9-c6090cb45eb2'
              server_token: '692203ae8755da6b57b8161d3f20dd1be71502f77adebf3363d164033d74d29b'

Push the changes to your Platform environment to enable Blackfire as follows:

git add
git commit -m "Enable Blackfire."
git push

3. Confirm it's running

Login via SSH to your container and confirm that Blackfire is running as follows:

php --ri blackfire


blackfire => enabled
blackfire => 1.16.1
Timing measurement => gtod
Num of CPU => 8


Access your site via your browser and click Profile in the Blackfire Companion.

Blackfire Companion

That's it! Your site will be profiled and you should get all the results in your Blackfire account.