Third-Party Resources

This is a Big List of known third party resources for These resources are not vetted by, but may be useful for people working with the platform.



Getting started & workflow 

Working with 



Examples lists maintained examples on its Github page, with some cross-referencing from Examples listed below could work fine, or may be out-of-date or unmaintained. Use at your own risk.


Framework Credit Date added
MEAN stack @OriPekelman May 2017


Framework Credit Date added
Python Flask using gunicorn @etoulas May 2017
Odoo Open Source ERP and CRM @OriPekelman May 2017


Framework Credit Date added
Akeneo example @maciejzgadzaj May 2017
API Platform with a ReactJS client admin @GuGuss May 2017
Backdrop example @gmoigneu May 2017
Headless Drupal 8 with Angular @GuGuss May 2017
Headless Drupal 8 with React.js @systemseed Aug 2018
Joomla example @gmoigneu May 2017
Laravel example @JGrubb May 2017
Moodle example @JGrubb May 2017
Mouf framework example The Coding Machine May 2017
Flow Framework support package Dominique Feyer Jul 2017
Neos CMS support package Dominique Feyer Jul 2017
Silverstripe example @gmoigneu May 2017
Thunder example maintained by the MD Systems team May 2017
WooCommerce example @Liip May 2017
Grav example Mike Crittenden August 2017


Framework Credit Date added
Jekyll example @JGrubb May 2017


Framework Credit Date added
Rust with Rocket and webasm Royall Spence July 2018


Tools & development 

Development environments