eZ Platform

eZ Platform is a Composer-based PHP CMS, and as such fits well with the Platform.sh model. As a Symfony-based application its setup is very similar to Symfony.

eZ Platform comes pre-configured for use with Platform.sh in version 1.13 and later and version 2.0.1 and later. Those are the only versions that are supported. Appropriate Platform.sh configuration files are included in the eZ Platform application itself, but of course may be modified to suit your particular site if needed.

Cache and sessions

By default, eZ Platform is configured to use a single Redis instance for both the application cache and session storage. You may optionally choose to use a separate Redis instance for session storage in case you have a lot of authenticated traffic (and thus there would be many session records).

To do so, uncomment the redissession entry in the .platform/services.yaml file and the corresponding relationship in the .platform.app.yaml file. The bridge code that is provided with eZ Platform 1.13 and later will automatically detect the additional Redis service and use it for session storage.

Modifying an existing eZ Platform project

If you have an existing eZ Platform project that was upgraded from a previous version, or want to resynchronize with the latest recommended configuration, please see the eZ Platform official repository.

In particular, see:

  • The .platform.app.yaml file, which automatically builds eZ Platform in dev mode or production mode depending on your defined project-level variables.
  • The .platform directory
  • The platformsh.php configuration file, which does the work of mapping Platform.sh environment variables into eZ Platform. It also will automatically enable Redis-based cache and session support if detected.