Using Solr with Drupal 8.x


You will need to add the Search API and Search API Solr modules to your project.

If you are using composer, the easiest way to add them is to simply run:

$ composer require drupal/search_api drupal/search_api_solr

And then commit the changes to composer.json and composer.lock.


Go to /admin/config/search/search_api and click on Add Server. Give the server a name and a description.

  • Server class: Solr service
  • Solr host: solr.internal
  • Solr port: 8080
  • Solr path: /solr

note The name of the host depends on the name you gave the relationship in If you called the relationship solrsearch instead, then the hostname will be solrsearch.internal.

note At this time, bugs in Drupal 8 prevent the Solr configuration from being managed from settings.platformsh.php. See these issues for more information.

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