Onboarding process

On-Boarding a new Dedicated Gen 2 client is a three phase process that begins the moment your contract is closed with your sales representative.

As part of the onboarding service, you continue to work with the Solutions Engineer who was present during the technical discovery and analysis during the pre-sales phase. During the entire on-boarding process, your Solutions Engineer is available to help with questions and prioritize support tickets if needed.

Phase Meetings Description
  • Introduction
  • Hand-off

The Solutions Engineer briefly reviews the development workflow that was discussed during the sales process. A dedicated Slack channel for your team’s onboarding process will be set up and members of your team invited. This will allow for a quicker feedback loop during the onboarding process.

The Solutions Engineer will introduce you to the Platform Dedicated workflow process, provision resources, and hand them off to the client.

  • Developer Workflow Consultation

The customer has access to all the resources necessary to develop, migrate, and test the project on the Platform.sh infrastructure - development, staging, and production. If necessary, developers may request an additional training session (held by the Solutions Engineer) to discuss the development workflow and best practices in detail.

Once the application is live on your staging environment, a staging CDN distribution will be created so that proper configuration of your CDN can begin.

  • Pre-launch
  • Debrief

Customer notifies their Solutions Engineer through a support ticket of the intention to go live. The Solutions Engineer may also reach out to the customer a few days before the approximate cut-over date if one was provided. The Solutions Engineer reviews the infrastructure, notes any risks, and discusses the go live process.

The production configuration of your CDN will be created with the configuration mirroring that of your staging distribution, and will be configured to pull from your production environment.