December 2016

Support Async PHP

Deploy applications like ReactPHP and Amp which allow PHP to run as a single-process asynchronous process.

Read more on our blog post.

Pthreads: Multithreaded PHP

Our PHP 7.1 containers are running PHP 7.1 ZTS, and include the Pthreads extension. You can enable it via

        - pthreads

Read more on our blog post.

PHP 7.1

Service is documented here.

Support .environment files

This file will get sourced as a bash script by the system when a container boots up, as well as on all SSH logins.

Feature is documented here.

Support web.commands.start for PHP

That option wasn't available for PHP as PHP only has one applicable application runner, PHP-FPM. It is now available for PHP.

Read more on our blog post.

November 2016

Customizable build flavor

Added a none build flavor which will not run any specific command during the build process.

Use it if your application requires a custom build process which can be defined in your build hook.

Read more in our blog post.

October 2016

PostgreSQL 9.6

Service is documented here.

PostgreSQL extensions

Read more in our blog post.

Node.js 6.8

Language is documented here.

September 2016

Read more in our blog post.

Python 2.7 & 3.5

Language is documented here.

Ruby 2.3

Language is documented here.

August 2016

Support Gitflow

Read more in our blog post.

July 2016

Block Httpoxy security vulnerability

We bypass the Httpoxy security vulnerability by blocking the Proxy header from incoming HTTP headers.

Read more in our blog post.

Remove default configuration files

We are removing the default configuration files that were previously used if your project didn't include one. You now need to include configuration files to deploy your applications on

Read more in our blog post.

June 2016

June update is summarized in our blog post.


New variable which has a random value, stable throughout the project's life.

It can be used for Drupal hash salt for example (in our Drupal 8 example):

// /scripts/platformsh/dist.settings.platformsh.php

// Set the project-specific entropy value, used for generating one-time
// keys and such.
if (isset($_ENV['PLATFORM_PROJECT_ENTROPY']) && empty($settings['hash_salt'])) {
  $settings['hash_salt'] = $_ENV['PLATFORM_PROJECT_ENTROPY'];

It is documented here


Expose the hostname and IP address of each service in the PLATFORM_RELATIONSHIPS environment variable.

Services updates

Update MongoDB client to 3.2.7, Node.js to 4.4.5, Blackfire plugin to 1.10.6, Nginx to 1.11.1.

May 2016

May update is summarized in our blog post.

Pre-warms Composer cache before executing Composer

The composer build flavor now pre-warms the Composer cache before executing Composer.

New image processing packages (advancecomp, jpegoptim, libjpeg-turbo-progs, optipng, pngcrush)

Various image processing packages were added: advancecomp, jpegoptim, libjpeg-turbo-progs, optipng, pngcrush.

Security updates

Including imagetragick, glibc issue, various Java, OpenSSL and OpenSSH issues, along with some Git CLI vulnerabilities.

April 2016

White label capabilities (Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition)

Support for white label offering.

First launch at Magento Imagine 2016 in Las Vegas of Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition.

March 2016

CloudWatt deployment is now available on Cloudwatt Orange Business Services hosted infrastructure.

Read more in our blog post.

January 2016

Redis 3.0

Service is documented here.