November 2014

Read more about this release in our blog post.

HTTP caching per route

Support for HTTP caching at the web server level, finely configurable on a per-route basis.

Custom PHP configurations

Support for tweaking the PHP configuration, by enabling / disabling extensions and shipping your own php.ini.

Build dependencies

Support for specifying build dependencies, i.e. PHP, Python, Ruby or Node.js tools (like sass, grunt, uglifyjs and more) that you want to leverage to build your PHP application.

Elasticsearch 0.90, 1.4 & 1.7

Service is documented here.

October 2014

Automated protective block provides a unique approach to protect your applications from known security issues.

An automated protective blocking system which works a bit like an antivirus: it compares the code you deploy on with a database of signatures of known security issues in open source projects.

This feature is documented here.

Read more in our blog post.

Solr 4.10

Service is documented here.

July 2014

MariaDB/MySQL 5.5

Service is documented here.

Solr 3.6

Service is documented here.