Platform.sh supports Tideways APM for PHP. This functionality is only available on PHP 7.0 and later.

Get Started

1. Get your license key

Sign up at https://tideways.io and get your license key.

2. Add your license key

Add your Tideways license key as a project level variable:

platform variable:create --visible-build false php:tideways.api_key --value '<your-license-key>'

3. Enable the Tideways extension

Enable the Tideways extension in your .platform.app.yaml as follows:

        - tideways

Enabling the extension will also activate the Tideways background process.

Push the changes to your Platform.sh environment to enable Tideways as follows:

git add .platform.app.yaml
git commit -m "Enable Tideways."
git push

Tideways should now be enabled. Give it a few hours to a day to get a decent set of data before checking your Tideways dashboard.

Email integration

Once Tideways is enabled, an additional environment variable will be available. The PLATFORM_SMTP_HOST variable will contain the hostname of the Tideways SMTP server should it be needed.