Platform.sh supports Tideways APM for PHP. This functionality is only available on PHP 7.0 and later. The upstream now maintains two versions for Tideways, and both plugins are available on Platform.sh:

  • tideways_xhprof: The open source version, therefore no licensing is required (On the downside, less integration services are available). You can use it in combination with xhprof UI.
  • tideways: The bundle proprietary full version of the product and plugins, which the rest of the guide is mostly aimed to cover.

Get Started

1. Get your license key

Sign up at https://tideways.com and get your license key.

2. Add your license key

Add your Tideways license key as a project level variable:

platform variable:create --visible-build false php:tideways.api_key --value '<your-license-key>'

3. Enable the Tideways extension

Enable the Tideways extension in your .platform.app.yaml as follows:

        - tideways

Enabling the extension will also activate the Tideways background process.

Push the changes to your Platform.sh environment to enable Tideways as follows:

git add .platform.app.yaml
git commit -m "Enable Tideways."
git push

Tideways should now be enabled. Give it a few hours to a day to get a decent set of data before checking your Tideways dashboard.

Deployment Integration

Tideways integrates with Platform.sh deployment hooks and provides performance comparisons before and after deployments were released. You can find the Platform.sh CLI command to register this hook for your application in Tideways "Application Settings" screen under the section "Exports & Integrations". Here is an example:

platform integration:add --type=webhook --url="https://app.tideways.io/api/events/external/1234/abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890"