The HipChat integration allows you to send notifications about your Platform.sh activity directly to HipChat.

  1. Find the HipChat ROOM-ID.

    • In the HipChat web administrative UI, go to Admin > Rooms and click on the room to link notifications.
    • Note down the "APP ID" listed in the Room Details on the Room's 'Summary' page (you can also find the ID from the URL).
  2. Generate a room-specific HIPCHAT-TOKEN.

    • Click on the Room's 'Tokens' page in the sidebar.
    • In the Create New Token section specify 'PlatformSH' as the token's label and click "Create" button.
    • Note down the Token value.
  3. Create the HipChat webhook with Platform CLI.

    $ platform integration:add --type=hipchat --room=ROOM-ID --token=HIPCHAT-TOKEN

    There are a number of optional parameters as well who's default values include:

    • --events=* (All Events)
    • --environments=* (All Environments)
    • --excluded-environments= (Empty)
    • --states=complete (Complete state only)

    You're given a chance to customize these parameters in an interactive shell prompt, or you may override the defaults on the command line:

    • --states=pending,in_progress,complete (All states)

Validate the integration

You can then verify that your integration is functioning properly using the CLI command

$ platform integration:validate